The People Under The Stairs (Review) [Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This is yet another black horror film from the mind of Wes Craven, but this one deals with suburban kind of horror. It is about a kid named Fool who learns he and his family are going to be evicted by their landlords. So he is enlisted to help rob the landlords' house, and they get discovered and locked inside. Fool discovers they aren't the only ones being locked inside as he comes across people who are secretly being kept prisoner under the stairs

This movies plays both seriously and light hearted at times. Mainly the humor comes in when it involves the male landlord, who is named Daddy and what makes it even more funnier is how he is pretty much parading around in a full body gimp suit for most of the movie. The woman landlord known as Mommy is just a very nasty woman, like when she eventually gets her comeuppance, I was actually cheering.

If there is a message behind this movie, I would say it is a message about greed, and entitlement. The landlords see themselves as better than everyone, and think their problems can be solved by just hiding everything away and dispatching everyone who discovers their nefarious deeds. The boy Fool is the catalyst that shines a light on this particular darkness, and yes it can be lighthearted with how it is portrayed, but there is also a very serious message being delivered here at the same time

Definitely a recommend viewing and this is still a classic to be enjoyed even now

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!!

Auther: Tha Thrilla

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