The Phantom of The Opera(1989)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

So I know I am risking having my horror card taken away from me, but I never was aware there was a Phantom of The Opera horror movie that was produced in 1989. A mutual friend made me realize it was out there, and based on her take on it, and the description I read about it, I had to track it down to sate my curiosity. It is in sense an adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera story, written by Gaston Leroux in 1910, but it leans more into the horror elements with plenty of gore to boot.

The plot is about a woman named Christine who experiences a bit of an accident, and falls into a dream where she is in 1885 London. She finds herself under the thrall of the mysterious Phantom known as Erik Destler, and she must struggle between finally realizing her dream as a big opera star, or facing death or worse at the hands of the Phantom.

The titular Phantom is played by Robert Englund, around the time he was becoming famous got starring in The Nightmare on Elm Street movies. In fact, the tag line of the movie goes like this: "Robert Englund was he's the Phantom of the Opera". When my friend was telling me about the movie, she described it as basically being like Freddy, except with not as much as the funny one-liners. And that is pretty accurate. The Phantom is responsible for some pretty gory kills, such as literally skinning his victims alive. He has a motive behind his killings as it all ties into his obsession with Christine. I also found it interesting the twist they gave to the Phantom's backstory. It is different than the one in the original story, and leads into lessons learned in the movie. That lesson being how much are you willing to give to become famous. To have the world notice. Is it worth risking your life, your love, or even your very soul for?? Those are questions that both the Phantom and Christine must answer for themselves.

If my memory serves me right, The Phantom of the Opera was more about the power of music, and how it lives on. This movie definitely addresses that, even with an ending that leaves you questioning if things are even truly at an end. I had a feeling this would be right up my alley, and I was right. I really enjoyed this one. If you like Robert Englund as Freddy, back when he was just a vicious killer, then you will definitely enjoy him in The Phantom of the Opera. If you are able to track down a copy of this, I highly recommend doing so.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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