The Pool(2018)(Review)[Foreign Fridays]


Hey guys, Mike here to tell you about our new feature. Every other Friday I will be bringing you some new, niche pieces that I like to call 'Foreign / Flashback Fridays'. I will go back and forth between highlighting classic pieces and international titles that deserve some love. And so lets begin!

For the first contribution to our new ‘Foreign Fridays’ segment, I wanted to go with something that was great to watch and relatively new.

‘The Pool’ is a Thai film written and directed by Ping Lumpraploeng. It’s a simple idea – a man falls asleep while floating on a tube in a very deep, commercial sized pool that is in the process of being shut down. As he sleeps, his dog is tied to a leash up near one of the diving boards, and he only awakes after half of the water has been drained. In a quick matter of time, all of the water will be drained.

And things, as you may guess, grow progressively worse. The only people who know he’s there are his girlfriend and his brother, and his brother is leaving the country. His girlfriend comes by and finds him, but jumps into the pool before realizing that the water line is too low to reach the ladder. Time goes on and they have to deal with hunger, thirst, the elements, his dog needs food and water as well, oh, and to make matters worse he is a diabetic and a crocodile makes its way into the pool! (This isn’t a spoiler, the very first 2 minutes of the film shows him fighting it, and then it does the ‘few days earlier’ thing.) For a movie that is really just two people trapped in a room, this one holds the suspense well. There are moments where he gets close to escape, but something doesn’t go right. It has a lot of surprises, a lot of tension, and a very beautiful look for a film of such a bleak nature.

The storyline isn’t complicated, so most of the dialogue is simple – so even if you don’t like foreign/subtitle movies, this one is super easy to follow. And it’s also a Hell of a lot of fun.

‘The Pool’ is available for streaming now on Shudder.


‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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