The Predator(2018)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesdays]

I must begin this review by saying that the only Predator films I’ve previously been exposed to were the Alien Vs. Predator Films – so my knowledge on them is rather miniscule. But that being said, I really enjoyed director Shane Black’s The Predator.

The film is simply about a Predator ship that crash lands and is discovered by an American army fleet – who are all killed instantly minus a single survivor. That survivor is captured by the government and interrogated to disclose all information he has about it, and also to get rid of him so they can claim there “were no survivors.” But the US government has the sleeping body of a living Predator in custody, and they want answers.

From here we get an explosive showdown between humans and Predator, and in a turn of events, we also get Predators Vs. Ultra Predator.

I enjoyed this film and had a lot of fun with it. I was worried for the heroes (who is a band of army-styled failures who are all serving sentences to the government for personal reasons), and the film had a lot of humor all throughout.

It’s pretty well known that this film didn’t please everyone and wasn’t the most successful showing in theatres, but it is a very well use of time. It’s full of violence, excitement, explosions, and foul language. For someone with a very limited experience with the Predator franchise, this one provided enough to bring me up to speed and also get me motivated to finish it. It’s not one I’m begging to revisit, but I could see it being in a yearly rotation somewhere.

3/5 'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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