The Queen of the Damned Soundtrack Review[Musical Mondays]

The Queen of the Dammed movie may have not met expectations, but the soundtrack of the movie certainly did. Most of the songs on the soundtrack were composed by Jonathan Davis, but I believe due to contract reasons, he could not actually perform them. So he handpicked artists to perform them instead. The result we got was a kickass soundtrack, one that this lackluster movie may not have rightfully deserved

Top from bottom, this soundtrack absolutely rocks. It should be noted that Wayne Static and Chester Bennington both appear as guest artists, and their performances are nothing short of amazing. Other than the Jonathan Davis tracks, the rest of the album features various artists such as Deftones, Static X, Disturbed, and Tricky. Whatever confluence that was responsible for making this album happen should be praised as there aren't many soundtracks like this one

Standout tracks for me are "Not Meant For Me", "Slept So Long", "Change(In the House of the Flies) by Deftones, "Cold" by Static X, and "Excess" by Tricky. If you are a metal head and a lover of horror, and if you have yet to listen to this album, then I highly recommend checking this one out

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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