The Shining(1980)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

The days are getting cold, and snow is starting to fly, and we are pretty much in isolation, so let's look at the horror classic The Shining. Based on the Stephen King novel, though King has gone on record saying he hated this movie and pretty much disowns it. Kubrick created a vision here and love it or hate it, this movie definitely has it's influence in horror even today. I myself I love the movie...yes it deviates from the source material, but that's not such a bad thing.

The movie and book are about a caretaker by the name of Jack Torrence who is offered a job as a caretaker as The Overlook Hotel in Colorado. He takes the job, and he and his family stay at the hotel. His son Danny has an ability called Shining where he can see what things others cannot and also see the future. Turns out the hotel has a very dark history and it doesn't take long for it to prey upon the Torrance family especially Jack.

See in the book, the hotel is portrayed as a malevolent entity that uses Jack as sort of like a vessel, and drives him to insanity as a result. The movie implies that Jack is already unstable, and it just takes a tipping point for him to go completely over the edge. There are so many memorable scenes with this movie that still persist on. The twin girls that Danny encounters who ask him to come play with them. The naked gross lady in Room 237. The "Redrum! Redrum!" scene. The part where Jack used his axe to break down the bathroom door, and he pokes his head through the hole to say "Here's Johnny!!" Fun fact is that line was adlibbed by Jack Nicholson who was great in the role of Jack Torrence.

I think really the issue was Kubrick made this as more of an artsy film, and heck it is pretty to look at. Even the bloody scenes, they just pop out at you. I will warn there are triggering parts of this movie...this was made in 1980, after all, and those were different times. Just keep that in mind if this is your first time watching this. There is a wonderful documentary called Room 237 which is about the making of this movie and the surrounding controversy about it. Stephen King would go onto to create his own version of The Shining as a mini series, but it was pretty meh in my opinion. There was a sequel called Doctor Sleep that got a movie adaption, which is absolutely wonderful.

It would be hard to imagine anyone who is not aware or had not seen The Shining, but if you are one of those rare cases, definitely check it out. It definitely fitting, especially with most of us who are isolated with families...unable to leave due to outside elements...feeling ourselves going crazier and crazier until we cannot take it anymore. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!

Till next time, stay safe and Happy Horrordays!! -Tha Thrilla-

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