The Voices(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is one of those fun horror films, full of dark humor and gore throughout. It has Ryan Reynolds before he gained massive popularity from Deadpool, and he definitely manages to put his quirkiness that he is known for into his role. He actually is performing double duty between his on screen performing and voice acting.

The movie is about a mentally unstable man who is trying to rehabilitate back to normal life. He has a job, and is living in an apartment above a bowling alley. He lives with his cat and dog that he believes are able to actually talk with him. One day, he falls for a woman who isn't that receptive to his advances. She blows him off, and things just escalate from there.

So as far as the talking goes, we do actually get to hear them talk, and the reason behind this is a plot point later in the movie. You remember those cartoons where the character has a moral dilemma, so an angel will appear on one shoulder and a devil appears on the other. Sort of the same concept here with the dog playing the role of the angel, and the cat playing the role of the devil. The main character struggles with his urges, especially when it comes to killing, so he relies on both as the voice of reason. But more and more, he starts obeying the reasoning of the cat. The cat feeds into his more destructive tendencies, and in a way, even though he acts otherwise, a part of him enjoys it.

There are more silly odd moments that occur. in the movie, others than the pets talking to him. Once you learn his backstory, you almost feel sorry for the guy. But you also see he is beyond redemption, at least you would think so, until the off the wall ending. The movie ends on a song and dance number and it just adds to the humor of the whole thing.

I would recommend checking it out as it is something different. It is currently available on Tubi and worthwhile seeing. If you have seen The Voices, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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