The Wretched(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This movie was fun to watch. It came to my attention as I kept seeing various advertisements for it online, and it seemed something that was worth checking out. Which it was. It's something along the lines of teen drama meets unsuspectable horror. You will see exactly what I mean. The premise of the movie is boy moves to town with his father as his parents recently divorced. He tries to make friends and even make moves the local teen girl. But he really doesn't fit in. One day, he notices some strange behavior from his neighbors next door. As he investigates more and more, he finds himself facing against unnatural forces.

Not to give much away, but this movie deals with people being possessed...or more so their body snatching. It is pretty gruesome to tell you the truth. You really don't see much as to how it happens, but there is enough to give you an idea. As such, there is definitely some body horror involved. But this movie dances around the idea of being true horror, as if it cannot decide what it wants to be. It definitely has its scary moments, but just my impression, but it was made with what kids would find scary. Which nothing is wrong with that by any means, it still succeeds in what it does. I will say by the time the ending comes around, that is when the movie truly embraces its nature. The ending scenes contain some gory moments, and the creature effects are just awesome.

Speaking of the ending scenes, there is an you don't see it coming twist involved. You just have to really pay attention as the clues are there, but if you don't get it, the movie helpfully shows you, and at that moment, you will be pleasantly surprised. And at the very end, it plays with the idea of the threat not being quite over. Not sure if that means a sequel, which I prefer that not to happen. I like the idea of leaving things open to the viewers interpretation.

In all, I definitely recommend at least checking it out. It is fun, but just to keep in mind this was not exactly intended to be for adults. Horror aficionados who are adults will enjoy it just as I have,but it's the kids who will be left with the nightmares. If you have seen The Wretched, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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