Top 10 Horror Movies of 2019 II

So as promised, here I am with my top 10 horror movies of 2019. I will also give a little blurb why I included them on the list. Let's get started shall we!!

10. Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark - It was great to see the nightmareous illustrations from the books be brought to gruesome life.

9. Brightburn - Superman goes evil and goes on a killing spree. So much promise with this universe that was established.

8. The Perfection - This movie straight up messes with your mind, making you think something else is happening when a whole other thing is happening, and it keeps escalating until the explosive finale

7. Three From Hell - Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding(in a limited role) get one last hoorah as the surviving members of the Firefly family.

6. Haunt - There aren't many movies like this one folks, and you think at first it will be any other Halloween movie, but it is not. It puts the word girl in Final Girl.

5. US - Following the success of Get Out, Jordan Peele was out to prove he wasn't just a one trick pony. He succeeded and this movie will have you scratching your head well after it ends

4. In The Tall Grass - 2019 was the year of the King, and this movie will leave you as disoriented as the characters who must escape an inescapable maze

3. It Chapter 2 - Another great one from King, even though it wasn't as scary as Chapter 1, it was still good, and gave us a satisfying conclusion

2. Midsommar - So if you saw Hereditary and thought that was a mind bender, Midsommar shows up and says hold my beer. My partner in crime Mike will actually be reviewing this tomorrow, so stay tuned for that

1. Joker - Yeah I know, this is not a full on horror movie, but the psychological aspects of this movie alone I think fully qualified it to be on the list

Honorable mentions: It is not a movie, but the new Creepshow series was very well done, it had its hit and misses, but as a whole it was great to see its revival. Also, I will mention the second season of Into The Dark has been impressing me so far.

So that is all I got. I shall return Thursday with my first review of 2020. You can expect me and Mike to be holding it down for you all...and we may just have something new in store for you. I will save the surprise for later.

Till next time, Happy New Fear -Tha Thrilla-

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