Top 10 Horror Movies of 2020 I

10. Relic – When a grandmother goes missing, her family returns to the house to find her. Once she shows up, things seem to be horribly wrong. Chilling to the core with a strong ending.

9. Host – Probably the most definitive horror movie of the year of Covid-19. A group of friends host a séance over Zoom and get interesting results. A brisk 50 minutes full of tension and clever scares.

8. Sputnik – An alien enters an astronaut’s body before crash landing to Earth and we are given a scientific investigation to what it is and how it functions. A very impressive Russian feature.

7. Scare Me! – Two horror fiction writers who are renting neighboring cabins get together one night and tell each other stories. Entirely reliant on sound design and wacky dramatic acting, this film features little to no on screen gore or violence, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

6. Death of Me – A couple goes on vacation to a remote island days before a major storm. The day they are supposed to leave, they wake up hungover to find a video of the husband killing and burying the wife. Darren Lynn Bousman delivers a gripping psychological tale where nothing is as it seems.

5. Possessor – A professional hitman goes about their business by using a sort of virtual reality headset that lets them possess the minds of a random target to perform their hits. A real mind melter and a sophomore effort from Brandon Cronenberg – the son of the legendary David Cronenberg.

4. The Dark and Wicked – A family gathers together to pay respect for the inevitable death of the father, even though the mother pleads for them not to come at all for some terrifying unknown reasons. This one fucked me up; super scary.

3. The Invisible Man – A contemporary reimagining of the Universal Classic – Cecilia runs away from her abusive ex-lover in a desperate escape. Shortly after, word spreads that he has committed suicide. But Cecilia can’t seem to shake the feeling that he’s still alive… and he’s still got a grasp on her life… Leigh Whannell delivers a super fun film where you will be paranoid of blank spaces and backgrounds.

2. Underwater – An oil drilling rig at the bottom of the ocean suddenly explodes leaving the handful of survivors to trek across the ocean floor – in pitch black darkness – to try and find a way to the surface. A creature feature with unending tension and some very interesting monsters, this plays out like ‘Alien’ underwater; in all of the best ways.

1. Color Out of Space – A peaceful farmhouse has a mystifying ‘color’ arrive from space that takes shelter in their well, and things start to fractal and break past the laws of nature. This is one movie that exceeded my expectations and had me revisit a handful of times already. It’s also one of the few films on this list that has images that still haunt me to this day.

Honorable Mentions: Tenet (probably my favorite movie of the year, but obviously it’s not a horror film), Hubie Halloween, VFW, Love & Monsters, The Lodge, Guns Akimbo.

What did you guys like this year? Stay tuned for Anthony's picks coming later!

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