Tremors(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

I can't say enough about my love of Tremors. This movie is so likeable it spawned sequels, a 2003 tv series, and they are coming out with a 7th movie this year. They even tried to revive the tv series, but the network gave it a pass.

Tremors is about a subterranean giant man-eating worm that hunts its prey strictly by sound. The first movie did a good job of slowly introducing us to the creature, not even showing it fully until halfway into the movie. The subsequent movies developed the creature even more, showing us its life cycle. The worms, which are affectionately called Graboids, spawn what are known as Shriekers, which hunt you by infrared. The Shriekers mutate into what are called Assblasters. Why are they called that?Because they can produce this flame from their ass, which they use to blast into air, which they can glide around for long ranges. The Assblasters lay eggs, which hatch into baby Graboids, and the cycle starts all over again

It is really interesting the thought that was put into developing the creature's life story, as well as how it intersects with one Burt Gummer. He is the main stay of the whole franchise, he is like the Bruce Campbell of the Tremors world. But he is the only one reliable enough to kill the creatures. There was a prequel where he played a distant relative which suggests the Gummer bloodline has had a long history with the Graboid species.

The creatures were originally all done with practical effects, until they eventually got replaced by CGI. I am not totally crazy about the CGI designs of the creatures, as the practical effects were so much better. But I am happy the series still has life to it, even though it is mostly direct to video. And maybe in the future, the tv series will come to life to one of the streaming giants.

Tremors will appeal to any horror fan, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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