Urban Legend Original Motion Picture Score Review[Musical Mondays]

So as I reviewed Urban Legend last week, I felt compelled to mention the score to the music, which was composed by one Christopher Young. I feel like I just reviewed his works last week, but this one is in stark contrast to his composition for Sinister. This score is more ethereal and on the spooky side of the tracks.

His score here is more designed to evoke fear of the unknown, and contribute to the mysterious nature of the film. Some of the track contain vocalizations that will cause goosebumps as you listen to them. Some of them will make you feel the danger that the various characters find themselves in. There is a reason why Christopher Young more so composes for horror films, and that is because he knows well how to elicit the right response to particular scenes that take place.

Definitely give this one a listen if you have yet to do so, and I included the beautiful haunting title track below as an example of what you will be in for.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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