Valentine(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Valentine was another movie part of the slasher craze started by Scream , released in 2001, about the killer who wears a cherub mask going around killing people who have spurned him in the past. It gives you backstory of the killer but you aren't given any clues as to who it is, at least untl the very end of the movie. The killer's calling card, besides the cherub mask, is every time he kills, he gets a bloody nose.

This movie is your pretty standard affair, though I admit the scene at the art exhibit where people are navigating a labyrinth of TV screens showing lips and eyes of different people, that scene was a bit unnerving. But it follows the usual tropes, especially throwing a red herring as to who was responsible for killing. In a way, the killer sort of wins at the end as he never gets brought to justice for his crimes.

This was one of David Boreanaz breakout roles as he was becoming the next hottest thing due to playing the vampire Angel in Buffy and the spinoff Angel. He was an actor who could play the tragic villian so well, and that helped him in this movie.

Not often we get good Valentine's Day themed horror movies, and this was pretty decent for what it was. If you are looking to spook your date or share a love-cenric horror flick together, this will certainly do the trick.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared! -Tha Thrilla-

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