Vampyr Original Soundtrack Review[Musical Monday]

So we covered horror movie soundtracks, and horror related albums, but to my knowledge, I don't think we covered horror video games soundtracks. So I am going to get that integrated into here as well starting off with the soundtrack to the video game Vampyr.

So the plot of the game is set in 1918 London. You play as Dr Jonathan Reid who has recently been turned into a vampire. You are trying to figure out who turned you while fighting your need to feed. You have the option of killing citizens to sate your thirst but then you must deal with the consequences of doing so. Some of them are minor while others will lead to a game over. I been playing this game recently and really enjoying it.

Part of the reason why I enjoy it so much is the soundtrack. The string work here is amazing and fits the gothic vampire setting of the game. It's enough to give me chills and it does add emotional impact at times. One of my most favorite tracks is include below. It's just...*chef's kiss*.

If you like horror video games, especially ones set in different time periods, I can't recommend this game enough. Plus it is cool how you can develop and use different vampire powers. And the soundtrack is just as highly recommended as well if you want to listen, which you won't regret it.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared! - The Thrilla-

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