Vivarium(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

The symbolism is very strong with this movie, though it will be a very strange ride throughout. The premise is about this couple who are looking for a home, so they decide to check out one of those communities where all the houses are the same, but the similarities are too much for them, so they decide to leave. But there are two problems in doing that, one being that the agent showing them a house has inexplicably disappeared, and two, no matter how much they drive and where, they are unable to escape the neighborhood. They find themselves stuck somewhere where they don't want to be and this movie explores their experiences in dealing with that situation.

So not only are they stuck somewhere where they don't want to be, but they find themselves burdened with taking care of mysterious child. And oh boy,that kid. I can't put into words into how creepy that kid is. I won't give much away just to say they know the kid if even normal, and there are reasons why they would think that. The movie just gets more unsettling as it goes on, to the point you will feel very uneasy about the couple's scenario. The ending isn't any better, being the most bleak ending I have seen so far.

There is a lot of symbolism in this movie that very much fits with our current situation with the pandemic we are facing. We find ourselves forced into situations we didn't want or expect. And we are coping with dealing with that, finding ourselves stuck in the same patterns and unable to escape. Though this movie takes that to the extreme, like to me it felt like a Twilight Zone episode the whole time, especially with that creepy kid

I definitely recommend checking this out for your own interpretation. It is currently available on Amazon Prime. If you have seen Vivarium, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared -Tha Thrilla-

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