We Summon the Darkness(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

I have to appreciate horror films that have a bit of a role reversal in them. We see so many 80 slasher films that have the damsel in distress, and We Summon The Darkness flips that on its head, showing what it like to be in a scenario where exact opposite occurs. It makes for an entertaining movie, that's for sure.

The movie is about a trio of women who meet three men at a heavy metal concert, and they decide to party together afterwards at a secluded cabin. Meanwhile, there is a satanic cult that's been going around murdering people. Will these people meet that same fate??

That is a question that is answered very quickly as the party turns from fun to pretty messed up. Minor spoilers, but think of The Craft except instead of witches, the men are dealing with absolute psychos. They must think of how to survive long enough to escape, and as far as the women go, they are not all on the same page. It doesn't help either that anything that can go wrong does go wrong. Before they know it, the women find themselves over their heads with the body count just piling up around them.

This was pretty fun to watch, and even features Johnny Knoxville is a serious role playing a pastor. It is further explained why the women are doing what they are doing, and you will have to watch to find out. But it's interesting as it paints a picture just how dangerous faith can be. Even if you think you are doing something for the greater good, what lengths is a person willing to go to accomplish that. When does the line get crossed and what you do when someone doesn't recognize that? These are questions this movie explores, and it does it very well. There are predictable moments as this movie plays tribute to 80 slasher flicks, but it just added to the value of the film

Definitely check this out on Netflix if you haven't done so yet. Once you seen We Summon The Darkness, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla'

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