Witchouse(Review)[Twisted Terrible Thursday]

Due to the cool looking poster, I decided to watch Witchouse as it has a cool enough premise, essentially a bunch of coeds decide to throw a party, and accidentally end up summoning a 3000 year old witch who starts enacting her revenge for being burned at the stake.

Then you watch the movie, which turns out to be like if you mixed a very very low budget Night of the Demons with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The witch designs of the witch Lilith and her demon buddies were pretty good, but the effects are just terrible. For example, you see the characters as they are either being stabbed or zapped, but all you see is them being knocked back or killed but without actually being touched by anything.

There is one scene where one the guy characters stumbles into a room with two demons and they tell him not to loose his head as they proceed to rip his head off. That was just groanworthy in itself. And as expected in any movie of this caliber, of course you get to watch as the characters have sex..as in a whole lot of sex. The antagonist of the film Elizabeth just vomits exposition at a moments notice, she is definitely more of a talker than a doer.

I struggled to even consider this terrible because at first this movie seemed like it was on the threshold between being terrible but at least watchable. But ultimately the silliness got worse and worse as the movie went on. This is a Full Moon production by the way, so I already knew from their past movies, they are mostly low budget schlock. They all dance that line of being terrible but you can't stop watching it because it's just such a trainwreck.

But again, the poster design of this movie was very cool just sucks the movie did not live up to that potential. This is one of those take it or leave it type of movies, so unless you already enjoy the caliber of films in the Full Moon Productions library, you probably better off just sitting this one out.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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