Zombie(1979)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

I've recently begun to dive into Lucio Fulci territory. He is an Italian horror director who was infamously dubbed 'The Gorefather', and for good reason. I had debated on whether or not I wanted to cover him for my Foreign Friday segments, but there's so much good stuff to cover of his and most of it is dubbed in English or takes place in America, so it seemed hard to justify it. But "Zombie" was originally presented in Italy to be the sequel to 'Dawn of the Dead' and is also known as "Zombie 2" or "Zombie Flesh Eaters."

"Zombie" begins when a boat mysteriously washes ashore in New York. Two police officers investigate and find nothing but worms, maggots, a severed limb, tons of blood, and a big zombie. When the daughter of the boat's owner tries to figure out what happened to her father, she goes on a journey to a Caribbean island with a few strangers. But unbeknownst to them, the island is infamous for voodoo, mysterious experimentation, and the recently walking undead.

The film is very fun. It has a brutal pacing to it. The zombies are superrr slow, they are terrifying when they emerge from the ground. The music is a fun synthesized melody that pulses throughout. When the zombies are present there is this snorkling breathing type of noise that takes over. Oh my... and the gore... an entirely different level.

Worms, maggots, excessive violence, nothing is off the table here. The film features everything from bloody jugular tearing, to eyeball impalement, and even a zombie fighting a shark!

This is one of the most revered zombie films in history and it's absolutely no wonder why. If you haven't seen this classic yet - and if you can stomach yourself some rather intense gore - then this is a must.


'Zombie' is currently streaming on Shudder.

'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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